Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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(Newton’s Law) Season 1 – HD Clips

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a nice celebration. In addition to the new year it's also this sites 1...

Lone Wolf Adventures, Volume 6

Date: December 28, 2020 Length: 3:43 Quality: HD Diving in Tulum

(Newton’s Law) Season 1 – HD Screencaptures

I finally got my hands on Newton's Law and what a great show. I thoroughly enjoyed Brett's character in this and his chemistry with...

Lone Wolf Adventures, Volume 5

Date: December 12, 2020 Length: 3:11 Quality: HD Whale Sharks

Lone Wolf Adventures, Volume 4

Date: November 17, 2020 Length: 4:04 Quality: HD Diving With Bull Sharks

Goodbye LA: Bobby Jo

Date: November 7, 2020 Length: 4:13 Quality: HD

Here Comes The Sun: Love Song for Melbourne

Date: October 28, 2020 Length: 3:22 Quality: HD

Lone Wolf Adventures, Volume 3

Date: September 24, 2020 Length: 3:45 Quality: HD

New Photoshoot

I updated the photo archive with 8 new photos from a photoshoot that Brett did the other day with Dean Bradshaw. I'm in love...

The Budgie Smugglers: Covid Covers #001

Date: August 2020 Length: 3:24 Quality: HD Brett sings "Fare Thee Well" with Bernard Curry and Dav Hoflin. Barrett Doss lends her voice in the second video...