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Was offered his first break by actress Jo Kennedy, who was also from the Yarra Valley and gave him a part in her brother’s short film.
Contributed a photo to the coffee-table book My Diverse Australia to benefit Muscular Dystrophy Australia.
He speaks french.
He does a flawless American accent without people realizing he is actually Australian.
He is a talented horse-rider.
He was a waiter in Australia to support his acting.
When he moved to Los Angeles he bunked with a mate for a while before he could afford his own place.
Said that he did the worst English accent known to men in Castle.
Would have loved to guest star on American Crime.
One of his favorite books is “Horton Hears a Who!”.
He doesn’t do social media due to easily getting addicted to things. He does however have a twitter account that he activates occasionally.