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(The Big Leap) 1.11 We Make Our Own Light – HD Screen Captures & HD Clips


So, The Big Leap had it’s season finale the other night and I really hope it wasn’t the series finale cause I love this show so much. Brett appeared again as Linus and I must say I was a bit upset about his actions cause I felt it was a bit ooc considering how he had been shown before but I did not mind Julia choosing herself at the end. That was definitely a fitting ending for her or well beginning really. Now, seeing as Linus was part of the crew he could eventually come back if the show gets a second season but even if he doesn’t, I really enjoyed having him on this precious show that just made me so happy. If you haven’t seen it, please do yourselves a favor and check it out. It’s so phenomenal and with such a great message and just perfection. Okay, I’m done now lol

Anyway, you can find 76 HD Screen Captures in the photo archive and HD clips in the video archive.


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