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Lie With Me is Network Ten’s latest home-made drama with sex, divorce, and death making for tense viewing

By Vickii Byram


At 1.88 metres, with blonde hair and blue eyes, Brett Tucker’s casting as a leading man is a no brainer.

The avid surfer and outdoorsman, now 49, has the physique to get pulses racing, and that is certainly the case in Lie with Me, Network 10’s latest drama.

He plays Australian solicitor Jake Fallmont who, while living in England, marries successful designer Anna (Charlie Brooks).

She suffered bouts of depression in her teens and they resurface after Anna suspects Jake of having an affair.

In an effort to revive their marriage, Jake suggests they move to Australia with their two children.

Meanwhile, he hatches a plan to win sole custody of the kids and divorce Anna, using newly installed nanny – his secret lover Becky (Phoebe Roberts) – to tip her over the edge.

While Tucker is used to love scenes, he admits he was a little nervous when he read what the script called for in his intense sexual relationship with Becky.

“I’d only seen the first episode when I committed to do the show. I wanted to work with Scotty, (Scott Major) as I’ve worked with him before and he’s a great director.

“But when I saw how often I get my clothes off – I was shocked,” he says.

“I was really nervous because of the way the scenes were written, but Phoebe was so great. And we had an intimacy coach, that was new.

“Australia is ahead of the game with that, and everyone was totally professional. We communicated about everything, and it went better and easier than I expected.

“We started filming before COVID hit, and then we had to shut down for a year. I had to keep my fitness up or I could have come back looking a little different,” he laughs.

You can catch the first two episodes on 10 Play. The series was filmed at Warrandyte in the Yarra Valley near where Tucker grew up, which was another reason he enjoyed the experience so much.

If you missed the first two episodes, be sure to catch them on 10 Play before you watch the third and final instalments on Network 10 on Wednesdays, 8.30pm, November 18 and 25.


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