Don’t call “Mistresses” a “Desperate Housewives” reboot in Brett Tucker’s presence.

ABC’s newest soapy drama features the Australian actor playing Harry, the husband to Alyssa Milano’s Savi.

“It’s a sexy show to watch and people going to fall in love with the characters, but there’s less of the crazy extreme circumstances like ‘Housewives.’ There’s just a lot of heart,” the 41-year-old actor told the Journal.

To play Harry, a chef, Tucker spent a lot of time chopping vegetables, “mostly carrots,” at Musso and Frank Grill on Hollywood Blvd.

He has no qualms about discussing male infertility, an issue his character struggles with beginning in the first episode. He phoned the Journal to talk infertility, infidelity and how being Australian ultimately got him the job.

Speakeasy: Your character’s struggles with infertility are placed front and center in the pilot. That seems like a pretty interesting introduction to a character.

Tucker: Rather than the titillation, the show is more about the pain and the difficulty people go through. It was a very interesting way into Harry, but male infertility is very real. There’s more to him than that, but it’s something a lot of men struggle with, it’s something he struggles with.

In the first couple of episodes, Harry is cheated on, discovers he has reproductive issues and has a major fight with Savi.

The thing that I like about this character, he keeps getting back on the horse. This fertility issue knocks him around and he keeps fighting. He’s willing to do whatever it takes, from the infertility to the infidelity. The obstacles that come up again, they keep getting bigger and bigger.

What does that mean?

The character, Harry, is a better man than I am. It is pain and real anguish and lost dreams come up and he reacts to it like a human does, he doesn’t fall apart completely, he doesn’t get too depressed.

How does the infidelity affect the infertility?

The infidelity doesn’t really affect the infertility, that storyline keeps developing through the series. The infertility thing, it’s not as bad as it first seems. There is a why with the infidelity. It plays a huge part in the storyline.

How so?

It delves into human stories and relationships and that kind of pain. Obstacles like being cheated on, they are more human and its something everyone can relate to, the human element.

When you originally auditioned for the role of Harry, he was American.

I went into the audition as an American, got cast as an American. It wasn’t until first day shooting pilot, I was there for hair and makeup and chatting to the showrunner. Yunjin [Kim, who plays Karen] suggested that I use my own accent. So we changed the storyline a bit because I prepared to be American, but the accent really sold everyone on Harry.

You said earlier that this show had heart. But there’s a fair amount of shirtless men episode after episode, yourself included.

It does have that, and that’s probably the sexy element. It’s pleasant to look at, and its an ultimately universal show, but the more the show goes on the more human it gets. I’ll be wearing more clothing as it goes on.


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